Vice-Chancellor's Awards

Recognising and sharing the outstanding work of Monash educators

The Vice-Chancellor’s Awards are designed to recognise the contribution of Monash staff to quality student learning experiences and to Monash’s reputation for world-class university education.

Awards are an opportunity for you to gain recognition in the University for your contributions in the area of teaching and learning. Benefits of receiving a Vice-Chancellor’s award:

  • Personal recognition;
  • Recognition for your faculty or unit;
  • $1,000 for Citations, $2,000 for a Program Award, $3,000 for a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence with the option of an additional $2000 to support a small, higher education project, Award for Technological Innovation in Learning and Teaching and the Honours Supervision Award;
  • Nomination may lead to a national award nomination; and
  • Preparation for this award will assist in compiling a teaching record and/or preparation for an application for promotion.
  • Recipients of awards are expected to demonstrate educational leadership and to promote engagement of their innovations by other Monash staff through, for example, running workshops, giving presentations, mentoring, etc.

Key Dates for 2020

Thursday 11 June, 5pmNominations due. ADEs to submit nominations for their faculty.
Wednesday 15 JulyHonours Supervision nominees elect and submit their referees
Monday 17 AugustFinal applications due. Nominees to submit their full applications
September (TBC)Awards Selection Panel Meetings
Monday 23 NovemberVice-Chancellor’s Awards Event

VC Teaching Awards Process

VC Teaching Awards - Online Applications

Online applications for the Vice-Chancellor's Awards open on Thursday 11th June.