Foundations for Effective Teaching

Foundations for Effective Teaching is a ten-week, (approximately thirty-hour) program, designed to prepare and inspire educators new to Monash; enabling them to engage in teaching practices that promote student learning.

The CEED Foundations for effective teaching program topics include:

  • understanding your students, and how they learn
  • aligning learning outcomes with teaching and assessment activities
  • designing assessment for learning
  • providing effective feedback
  • incorporating pre and post activities in online and blended environments
  • engaging students in learning using active learning strategies
  • evaluating, reflecting on and improving your teaching
  • supporting you as an educator and understanding the roles of other stakeholder.

This is a mandatory requirement for academics new to Monash University and forms part of the probation process.

Eligible participants will be invited to register to participate in the 'Foundations for effective teaching' program via email.

Further information for Monash staff can be viewed here.