Learning Design and Transformation

Monash Education Innovation provides the Education Portfolio with educational change management capability through partnerships and targeted projects. We work with key areas of the university to enrich the student experience through:

  • strategic project management, including transformation and targeted intervention
  • educational and learning design
  • curriculum and assessment consultancy
  • driving innovation in technologies and spaces led by pedagogy

Our recent collaborations

Education Innovation is committed to the transformation of learning at Monash. We cultivate strategic partnerships and engage in targeted projects to make this happen.

Since the commencement of transformation projects in 2018, over 15,000 students in Malaysia and Australia have had a different first year science experience, engaging in large scale workshops, guided online sequences and blended approaches in Chemistry, Biology and Science Practice and Communication.

Transformation themes: 
Active learning, large-scale cohorts, programmatic assessment, guided online materials, blended learning, assessment design, interactive workshops, transition, curriculum design

With large cohorts of students from many disciplines, totaling over 2000 students, Monash Education Innovation worked with the Faculty to transform Introduction to Management and Business Capstone units to include engaging online experiences and collaborative discussion. Project-based workshops focused on authentic case study, project work and reflective practice.

Transformation themes:
Multidisciplinary, capstone, reflective practice, project-based, assessment design, collaborative assessment, teamwork, case-studies, case-based learning, authentic assessment, curriculum design, course design

MEI worked with academics to transition large scale 1st and 2nd year medicine cohorts into active learning spaces and engaged with Nursing and Midwifery to design workshops and tutorials that built employability skills such as teamwork, communication, and resilience for enhanced final year clinical placements.

Transformation themes:
Active learning at scale, workshops, multidisciplinary, problem-based learning, employability, clinical placement, authentic assessment

Monash Education Innovation collaborated with Parkville and Malaysia to design a flexible online research unit for all third year students as part of the new Vertically Integrated Masters program. With a focus on authentic assessment, students worked in groups to create a research proposal as practiced within online activities.

Transformation themes:
Online learning, research, authentic assessment, curriculum design, accreditation 959694

Monash Education Innovation engaged with the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation at the University of Queensland to codesign, develop and implement Biological Sciences and Management courses. The projects involved the creation of reusable shared assets and academic collaboration in curriculum and assessment design

Transformation themes:
Active learning, learning design, curriculum design, collaboration, learning assets, benchmarking

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