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  2. Moodle faculty contacts
    6 Jan 2020: User Guides. Search. You are here:. Moodle faculty contacts. Faculty/team name. Contact email. Contact number(s). Arts. 990 24577 (Anita Cascone). Arts, Design and Architecture. 990 34449 (MADA
  3. Resources and activities in Moodle
    8 Nov 2019: User Guides. Search. Moodle has a two main categories of items that you can add to your unit:. Resources.Unit content and information that students can view or download. For more information about different types of activities, see Moodle
  4. Integrated Turnitin Assignments
    6 Jan 2020: Turnitin similarity reporting can now be integrated within the existing Moodle assignment module. This allows for the full suite of Moodle marking options and produce a similarity score in the  Moodle Assignment interface. Assignment settings will
  5. Add Panopto block
    11 Sep 2019: User Guides. Search. Full screen view in the Panopto player is recommended. To use Panopto, you'll first need to add the Panopto block to your Moodle unit. Note:This is only done once per unit. Navigate to the Moodle unit that you would like to use
  6. Forums (Moodle activity)
    5 Nov 2019: User Guides. Search. Forums allow participants can share and discuss concepts and ideas by posting comments. Forum posts can optionally be graded (rated) by the lecturer or students. Forums can be used to make announcements, set up for students to
  7. Working with folders
    10 May 2019: User Guides. Search. Navigate to the Panopto portal. Click the green Create button at the top of the screen, choose the option to create a New Folder. A dialog box appears. Type in a folder name and enter a description (optional). If you’re
  8. Advanced grading with marking guides
    2 Oct 2019: User Guides. Search. You are here:. Advanced grading with marking guides. Grading guides, such as rubrics and marking guides, can help you clarify what you expect from your students, making the task easier to interpret and less ambiguous and ensure
  9. Download Panopto videos (sessions)
    12 Dec 2019: User Guides. Search. By default, anyone with access to the Panopto videos (or sessions) and has a Monash authcate, can download the file. Full screen view in the Panopto player is recommended. Skip to 1:51 for 'Making your sessions available for
  10. Workshop (Moodle activity)
    4 Nov 2019: User Guides. Search. Workshops are a powerful student-focused learning activity that allow students to engage in peer assessment in a structured multi-part framework, including review, feedback and grading. A cohort of students can submit work to be
  11. Scales
    7 Oct 2019: User Guides. Search. You are here:. Scales. Scales are an alternative marking method for when you do not want to use a numerical score. It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT use scales for grading an activity that will contribute to the final