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  2. Communication in MS Teams
    8 Jun 2020: This guide explores various modes of communication integrated into Microsoft Teams. The choice of mode will depend on many factors including class size, desired outcome, and technical confidence. For effective communication, it is important to set
  3. Recording a Zoom meeting
    2 Jun 2020: Zoom provides the ability to record a meeting. There are multiple benefits to recording a Zoom meeting. As a host you can record the meeting with students and share it with them for future review. You can also use Zoom as a video creation tool to
  4. Quiz (Moodle activity)
    9 Jul 2020: Guides. Search. Using the Quiz activity in Moodle, you can create quizzes using multiple choice, true-false, matching and other question types. Quizzes can be linear or randomised with dependant questions. Quizzes can be assessed or formative
  5. Setting up a scheduled Zoom meeting
    1 Jun 2020: You can schedule a Zoom meeting to begin at a specified time or start the meeting instantly. For more information about starting an instant meeting, see the running a Zoom Meeting guide. This guide will cover the steps to schedule a Zoom meeting.
  6. Getting started with Zoom
    1 Jun 2020: Zoom works best using the Zoom app on a Laptop/Desktop or Mobile device. This can be installed on Monash devices via Software Centre (PC), My Software (Mac) or your app store (Mobile). On personal devices it can be installed from. Note: Participants
  7. Running a Zoom meeting
    1 Jun 2020: You can start a Zoom meeting immediately at anytime or schedule a meeting to begin at a specified time. For more information about scheduling a meeting in advance, see the setting up a scheduled Zoom Meeting guide. This guide will cover the steps to
  8. Files and Apps in MS Teams
    8 Jun 2020: Teams lets you access files from cloud storage and share files in Channels. You can also add files as tabs in the channels for students to access more easily. By default, Microsoft Teams, your Downloads and OneDrive are included in the Files app. It
  9. H5P (Moodle activity)
    15 Apr 2020: Guides. Search. H5P activities allows you to create simple interactive content using a range of templates that are embedded directly in Moodle. You can create a stand alone H5P activity or embed H5P content into existing Moodle activities, for
  10. Recommended settings for Zoom
    1 Jun 2020: To make the most of teaching with Zoom, it is recommended that you turn on some advanced features, such as breakout rooms, polls and non-verbal feedback. You can turn on advanced security settings to prevent the occurrence of Zoom bombing. Please
  11. Microsoft OneNote
    5 Jun 2020: You can set up a shared notebook in Microsoft Teams that can be edited by you and the students with Microsoft OneNote. OneNote allows you to create rich documents with built-in pages and tabs for students to build resources and collaborate with