H5P (Moodle activity)

H5P activities allows you to create simple interactive content using a range of templates that are embedded directly in Moodle. You can create a stand alone H5P activity or embed H5P content into existing Moodle activities, for example adding a 'Test your understanding' quiz within a book or lesson.

  1. Click the Unit settings cog and Turn editing on.
  2. In the topic you would like to add a HP5 activity and click Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select H5P Interactive Content and click Add.
  4. Give your activity a name and description (optional). It is recommended you use H5P activities as non-graded formative activities.
  5. Select whether you want to Create Content(new H5P file) or Upload an existing .h5p file.

H5P Course Presentation

Course Presentation is one of the versatile H5P content types. Course Presentations allows you to combine multiple H5P interactive content types by creating multiple slides. Slides can include links, pictures, audio and video clips, various question types and exportable text areas. Click through the example below to see the functionality of a H5P Course Presentation.

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Course Presentation like the example above, see the H5P Course Presentation tutorial.

One of the unique features of H5P Course Presentation is the ability for students to enter long form answer(several paragraphs) and export them as a word document at the end of the presentation.

Embed H5P into Moodle activities or resources

You can create H5P interactive activities and embed them into your Moodle page or lesson.

  1. Create a H5P interactive activity.
  2. Make your H5P activity 'Available but not shown on course page'
    1. From the unit administration cog, Turn editing on.
    2. For your H5P activity, click Edit.
    3. From the Edit drop down menu, select Hide.

    4. Once hidden, click Edit again. The Edit drop down menu will now display additional actions.
    5. From the Edit drop down menu, select Make available.

    6. NOTE: If you have multiple H5P activities, you may want to create a topic or section containing your H5P activities and the make a topic or section Available but not shown on course page. All activities and resources inside the topic also become Available but not shown on course page. For more information, see the Stealth activity guide.

  3. Click Embed at the bottom left of your H5P activity and copy the Embed code using CRTL+C or ⌘+C.

  4. In Moodle, navigate to where you would like to embed the H5P activity, for example a page or lesson.
  5. In the text editor, Click on the Edit HTML icon.

    Note: If you do not see the Edit HTML icon, click on the expand toolbar icon in the top left of the text editor. (Top: TinyMCE editor(default), Below: ATTO editor)HTML TinyMCEHTML ATTO

  6. Paste the H5P embed code in the HTML window and click Update.
  7. When you are finished, click Save and return to unit or Save and display.
  8. Your H5P interactive activity should now be embedded in your Moodle activity or resource.

NOTE: Currently Monash allows 41 of the 43 of H5P content types available. 'Impressive presentation'(Slideshow with parallax effects) and 'Find the words'(crossword) not available in Moodle. For detailed instructions and support for other content types, refer to the below guides: