Communicating with students

Technology affords a number of methods for communicating with students and a range of reasons to communicate with them. This guide focuses on some communication strategies you can incorporate in your unit to increase engagement and create a more accessible learning experience for your students.

“...teachers need to design good learning tasks and to communicate task specifications clearly to their students.”(Goodyear, 2015)

Part of the communication strategy is to think about the flow of the unit/week to be able to adjust your learning/teaching to meet students needs. The type of technology you will use to communicate with students will depend on what you want to communicate and when you want students to receive this information. The key is to have clear and concise instructions so that students know what to complete, how, where and when.

Questions to ask yourself when communicating with students:

  • What do you want to communicate to students?
  • What do students need to complete each week?
  • How are students going to complete the activity/activities?
  • What are the deadlines for the activities and assignments?
  • What supporting resources are you providing students?
  • How are you making yourself available to students?
  • How do students reach out to you for help?

Providing clear communication and expectations allows students to properly prepare their learning plan for the week. This enables students to have clear direction on what to do.