Google Suite for Teaching

This guide provides examples of effective teaching through the use of the Google Suite. As an enterprise technology with collaborative functionality, students and educators can access a wide range of tools to support synchronous and asynchronous collaborative learning, making it a powerful teaching tool. Students and educators can work on the same document(s) simultaneously and communicate in real time on written tasks. They can also build websites, create and share forms and polling, collaborate on a whiteboard, and take and share notes. Google suite may be used for many teaching purposes to support learning.

  • Collaborate: The standard document apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides) are useful for allowing students to work collaboratively synchronously or asynchronously.  Anyone who has access to the document can make changes directly in the document, make comments, and action items for people to complete tasks. Files automatically save and store edit history.
  • Group work: Google Suites has a variety of tools to support group work from document collaboration, note sharing and video meetings. Students can use productivity tools such as Google Keep to share 'to do' lists, sketches, or voice recordings with one another and keep each other up to date on their progress. Students and/or educators can set up designated folders on Google Drive to store group work or class files.
  • Brainstorm: The Jamboard can be used as a collaborative whiteboard pinboard where students can synchronously sketch ideas, drop images, add notes, and pull assets directly from the web.
  • Communicate: Google Hangouts/Meet can be used for chat or video conversations and meetings with others while also allowing for people to share the screen.
  • Collect information: Google Form can be set up to collect information from surveys, poll students or conduct simple quizzes.
  • Build an e-portfolio: Google Sites can be used by students to create their own e-portfolio and share it on the web or with select people.

Examples of using Google Suite to teach online

Google Suite is a flexible suite of programs that you can use in your teaching. You could use one or a combination of tools to support the learning activity or assessment. Have a look at the different examples provided here to inspire you in ways you can use the different applications within Google Suite.