Education Technology Roadmap

Enhancing education with technology

We have developed a comprehensive technology roadmap to actively seek technologies to underpin Learning and Teaching, and deliver innovative education solutions to support student learning.

Monash University provides exciting opportunities for our students in all courses, underpinned by outstanding educational technologies. New opportunities for technologically-enhanced education are continually emerging, providing exciting prospects for our educators and future students.

The roadmap is flexible and responsive, leveraging emerging platforms that provide our students novel opportunities to be creative; connect theory to practice; and communicate widely, with their peers, their educators, industry partners, and the broader community.

Education technology plays an integral role in enriching our students’ learning experience. For our students this means extended opportunities to:

  • create
  • connect theory to practice
  • communicate efficiently with peers, mentors and educators.

While for our educators, modern technologies are enabling innovative approaches to:

  • efficiently relating theory to practice
  • effectively collaborating with peers and students
  • conducting evidence based assessment for the betterment of learning and teaching.

Each of the roadmap’s student-focused initiatives are flexible for both learner and educator needs and have broad application across all faculties.

Recently introduced live audience response systems enable our students to interact with educators, and each other. These systems invite students to interact with learning concepts through their phone, tablet or computer, enabling deeply engaging experiences, and immediate feedback on comprehension for the educator.

Other initiatives of the roadmap include the provision of micro-sized recording studios, enabling students and educators to quickly produce production-quality videos. The just released ‘nano-studios’ provide the same opportunities, but enable our educators and students to create videos outside the confines  of a traditional recording studio, while retaining the same outstanding production quality.