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Guide for Moderators

A moderator can be arranged through your faculty to assist in monitoring and moderating the live-stream during class. While the lead academic runs the lecture as usual, a moderator can manage online discussion by posing and answering questions, and escalating value adding questions to share with in-class students during the live-stream. The following guide is for Moderators.

Live-stream checklist

Below is a list of items to prepare, prior to your live stream session

  • Headphones / Earphones
  • Laptop - A Macbook or Windows laptop will do. Note: You can use the Discussion feature using a mobile device, such as an iPad or tablet, but only through the Echo360 app.

    Moderation options

    Discuss with the lead academic on preferences in moderating and managing questions that are asked online by live-stream students.

  • The Moderator answering questions as they come in - The answers will need to be checked by the Lecturer/Chief Examiner after the session. If the live-stream students ask any important questions, the answers may need to be communicated to the face-to-face students. Examples includes, at a scheduled time in the lecture, via the Moodle forum, at the following class or referring them to the Panopto/Echo360 lecture recording.
  • The lecture responding at scheduled Q&A times during the class - An example is after specific topics.The Moderator flags any questions from the live-stream students. Lecturer responds in the lecture. Remember, there will be a 30-50 seconds delay for live-stream students.
  • Setting aside 10 minutes at the end of the lecture for Q&A -  The Moderator flags any questions from the live-stream students. Remember that the live-stream will cut off at the end of the scheduled lecture time.

Access the live-stream session

Access live-stream through the link/page to the folder in your Moodle unit.

What you need to know

  • The Q&A/discussion tab allows students and the moderators to interact via text. You can use the Discussion feature using a mobile device through the Echo360 app.
  • At the start of the class, the Academic should introduce themselves to the students online and inform the live-stream students online about how their questions will be moderated. An example text is “M - Good morning. This is <insert your name>, your moderator for this class. I am here to answer your questions. Please feel free to comment or ask questions at any time. Thank you.”
  • To easily identify Moderators in Discussion, type M before responding or commenting.
  • Remind live-stream students that they are not anonymous in the Discussion. Any inappropriate behaviour will be noted.
  • You can delete any inappropriate comments by clicking on the delete icon next to the comment. To learn more, view Monitoring Q&A discussion.

Post live-stream session

It is recommended to direct students to a Moodle forum post live-stream, as you will be notified when students make a post.