10 things I love about Teams

Microsoft Teams offers educators and students a rich suite of tools to communicate and collaborate in learning and work. I’ve been using Teams as a home base for my work with the MEI team for a few months now - here are some of the cool features I’ve discovered along the way.

1. You can use either Microsoft tools or the Google suite almost seamlessly.

2. Use live captioning in a virtual meeting to get almost real-time speech to text transcription

3. Stickers, emojis and animated gifs let you express yourself more creatively in your posts

4. Share and work on a file together in a virtual meeting

5. Need a fast response to a chat message? You can choose the priority of chat messages - setting it as “Urgent” will send the recipient an email and a notification every 2 mins for 20 mins until they read it. (Maybe use this one judiciously and consider who the recipient is!)

6.  Emoji reactions to posts - You may not have anything to say in response to a post in Teams but you can let the author know that you’ve seen it and support them using one of several social media style emojis.

7. Send a file to a folder in Teams directly from your email

8. Private channels give you a space to share with selected people in your team.

9. If you set your team up well, you almost never need to leave Teams. You can even embed websites that you use regularly in a tab in Teams.

10. Translate any posts to your native language with a click - and back again

To learn more about Microsoft Teams at Monash, visit our Monash Education Innovation guides or sign up for Teams training.