Monash educators learn about learning

Associate Professor Katie Hughes, from the MEA, teaches in the Teaching Excellence Program and reflects on her role:

One of the things I enjoy most about facilitating the Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) through the Monash Education Academy is that I get to work with colleagues from across the university - from almost every discipline. Participants bring their disciplinary traditions into TEP, and overlay them with the best of evidence-based, student-centred practice.

Participants learn to design units which are constructively aligned units, provide students with effective feedback, explore new e-learning tools fit for their purpose and discipline, evaluate their own teaching practice and have peers evaluate them. They also reflect on their own practice. Overall, TEP enables and advances strong education practice!

The TEP program is aligned with Advance HE in the UK so that TEP program provides a pathway to HEA Fellowship.

What do our TEP ‘graduates’ think on completion of the program?

They learn more about feedback by gaining it -” I am definitely planning to use video feedback for students... I think it is fantastic. “

They learn more about evidence-informed teaching by reading: “I found the opportunities to read literature on the relevant topics/issues and review how my teaching practices are aligned with well-tested theories particularly very helpful.”

They learn more about designing online learning by participating in it - “The online module was great. The integration of individual and group work was seamless, which can be difficult in this context.”

Overall, the participants and the facilitators enjoy similar things - taking the time to talk about teaching, reviewing best practice, comparing notes and sharing ideas for solutions..

The MEA is looking forward to another successful year of the TEP program- listening to feedback, adjusting the program to make it as enjoyable and valuable as we can, and enabling Monash educators to excel.