First Monash Higher Education Academy Principal Fellowship awarded

By Leanne Strout, MEA Program Manager

Monash Education Academy (MEA) is proud to announce the granting of an internationally recognised HEA fellowship to a member of the MEA team.

Associate Professor Katie Hughes is the first Principal Fellow to be accredited by the HEA within Monash University.

Fellowships with the HEA demonstrate a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in Higher Education and provides individuals with international recognition of their educational practice, impact. Individuals can apply across four categories, Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow.

A Principal Fellow is required to demonstrate their impact not only on individual institutions, but across the sector nationally.

Katie said: ‘It is a tremendous honour to have been awarded this Principal Fellowship. It was also a very enjoyable experience to pull the application together. I had excellent support from my mentor at Warwick, Leti Gramaglia, who guided me so helpfully as I started on this journey’.

Leti will be visiting the MEA in early December to continue her work in supporting Monash colleagues, so watch this space!

Monash University has embarked on the process of obtaining HEA accreditation in 2020. This will benefit us by raising the profile of teaching and learning and celebrating its importance alongside research. The accreditation process provides a structured approach to the development, recognition and reward of staff who teach or support learning and makes it possible to benchmark against internationally recognised standards.

The MEA currently have a group of 30 Monash academics currently working through the process of applying for their HEA fellowship across the four categories and we look forward to seeing our colleagues being recognised in the upcoming year.

Congratulations to Katie on this wonderful achievement acknowledging her wealth of experience within teaching and learning in Higher Education.