Workplace Dignity online learning resource

The Workplace Dignity online learning resource is designed to help students and supervisors make the most of placement experiences and ensure workplace relationships are safe, constructive and productive. Key benefits include:

  • improve overall job satisfaction
  • self-confidence
  • increase wellbeing
  • Increase motivation for both staff and students.

Dignity in the workplace is a key ingredient in creating a well-supported, safe and positive environment. It has multiple elements including:

  • creating opportunities for learning that consider the workplace of the placement
  • ensuring students’ needs are balanced with the needs of the placement workplace
  • acknowledging power relationships at work and making sure workers feel valued
  • maintaining an orientation to care - where students and supervisors actively care for themselves and for each other

Who is it for?

Monash and non-Monash users or anyone involved in Work-integrated learning (WIL) placements including staff, supervisors and students.


This course will help you:

  • understand workplace dignity and the benefits to students.
  • supervisors and workplaces when dignity is upheld.
  • discover the negative effects of dignity violations and learn to identify the ways that dignity is both upheld and violated.
  • explore practical ways to uphold dignity in WIL placements and how to apply this learning during placement to strengthen workplace dignity.
  • have a clear path of action to take if you need to resolve a dignity violation.


The interactive resource will take upto 30 minutes to complete and is composed of three 10-minute modules:

  1. Workplace dignity and why it matters
  2. Upholding dignity
  3. Supporting dignity

Developed by

This resource is based on the research of Charlotte Rees, Corinne Davis, Olivia King, Allie Clemans, Jan Coles, Paul Crampton, Nicky Jacobs, Tui McKeown, Julia Morphet and Kate Seear from Monash University.

It was developed through a collaboration between these academics and The Learning Hook and was funded by the Monash Education Academy.

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