Culture Connect

Culture Connect is a student-led initiative sponsored by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) which aims to build authentic, enduring connections between international and domestic students based on similar cultural interests.

The platform provides students with the opportunity to nurture connection and belonging, foster a sense of ambition and openness to change the world for the better, and equip you with the cross-cultural and interpersonal skills to do so.

How it works

Chronus is a social network platform that lets you create a profile, find matches, send messages and arrange meetings. It’s mutually beneficial; international students have the chance to form social networks here in Australia, and to have someone to lean on for guidance, while domestic students – whether undertaking a language unit, a study abroad experience, a global studies sequence, or who are just interested in the world – benefit from an authentic local perspective.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up to Culture Connect at any time using your Monash ID, listing your culture or language of interest
  2. Connect from a list of possible matches, sorted by compatibility of interests and campus location
  3. Send a meeting invitation through the system, linked to your Google Calendar
  4. Meet and discuss topics of interest, building your language and communication skills and cultural intelligence – we suggest two meetings to get to know one another
  5. Make as many connections as you like with new people!

Benefits to students

  • Feel more prepared to explore foreign countries
  • Gain local insights and must-do experiences in your country of choice
  • Strengthen a broader awareness of cultural differences and how these may shape your experiences
  • Begin to grow your understanding and appreciation of various cultures and diversity at Monash
  • Improve your ability to operate independently and responsibly in a diverse cultural context
  • Enhance your sense of openness, embracing differing perspectives and building a connected community
  • Obtain first-hand insights about the complexities and challenges involved in implementing sustainable and innovative solutions in global settings

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