Our annual conference

The International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) is a two-day academic conference that showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world.

Supported by the Monash Warwick Alliance between two leading universities, Monash University and the University of Warwick, ICUR challenges undergraduate students to rethink their work from an international and interdisciplinary perspective. Students examine global, regional and local trends in their research field, while identifying connections between disciplines. ICUR provides undergraduate researchers with a unique opportunity to present their research in real-time, video-linked sessions.

By participating in ICUR, students can:

  • Present their research in a formal, yet supportive, academic environment
  • Discuss ideas and receive feedback from their local and international peers
  • Learn to communicate their research to an international and interdisciplinary audience
  • Develop core academic and vocational skills including networking, delivering engaging presentations, and publishing for an academic audience

Since it was established in 2013, more than one thousand students from eleven institutions have presented at ICUR, without having to leave their university.

Visit the ICUR website for more information.