Research skills are integral to careers in academia, industry, the not-for-profit sector, and public service. During your undergraduate degree, you can hone your research skills through supported yet independent experiences. If you are interested in the rich experiences that undergraduate research can offer, consider applying for our for-credit winter intensive unit, the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) Program.

Please note: the IRC Program was formerly known as the Global Leadership and Advanced Research Program (GLARP). The new title is in use from 2020.

About the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) Program

The IRC Program is a prestigious, invitation-only winter intensive unit. It’s aimed at high-achieving students who are interested in research.

Gain sought-after skills

Great research starts with a great proposal. In the IRC program, students complete a funding application that mirrors the applications prepared by academics, industry professionals, and those working in the not-for-profit space. By undertaking the IRC Program, you can:

  • Acquire and hone highly sought-after leadership skills
  • Learn about research design and implementation
  • Gain project management skills
  • Identify and develop research synergies across disciplines
  • Learn to write up research for different publication genres
  • Develop competency working in a cross-cultural environment
  • Refine your ability to communicate complex research findings and ideas to multidisciplinary audience

Contribute to a multidisciplinary team

The cohort is divided into multidisciplinary research teams of three. In these teams, students spend three weeks conceiving a research activity that reflects their interests and skills.

How the unit works

The CURIE team delivers the IRC Program through interactive workshops. These are paired with complementary masterclasses that feature highly-regarded individuals at varying points in their research journeys. Students gain unique opportunities to interact with researchers who work in health and wellbeing, environment and sustainability, social change, and more. Each learning activity  supports and guides the writing of the research proposal and the associated suite of research skills.

Program details