Research experiences with CURIE

Every program at CURIE grows out of our passion for the development of undergraduate research skills. If you are interested in gaining research experience and skills in a supported environment, consider applying for our for-credit winter intensive unit, the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) Program. Please note that the IRC Program was formerly known as the Global Leadership and Advanced Research Program (GLARP). The new title will be in use in 2020.

The Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) Program

Research skills are integral to careers in academia, industry, the not-for-profit sector, and public service. The Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) Program is a prestigious, invitation-only winter intensive unit. It is aimed at high-achieving students, with a minimum average grade of 70, who are interested in research design. The (IRC) Program is an opportunity for talented undergraduates from all disciplines across Monash University to develop skills in research design and management.

Research design and project management skills are developed through the writing of a research funding application. The cohort is divided into multidisciplinary research teams of three. In these teams, students spend three weeks conceiving of a research activity that reflects their interests and skills. The application experience simulates real-world funding arrangements - a process that often takes academics months!

This unit is delivered and undertaking in an intensive mode. Students must be prepared to attend all classes and work with their research team to the equivalent of a full-time workload.

The CURIE team delivers content through a range of learning activity types including lectures and workshops. We also provide research consultancy appointments. Each of these activities support and guide the writing process. Classes are complemented as interactive masterclasses, which provide students with opportunities to learn from experts from academia, the private and public sectors, and charitable organisations. Masterclasses enable unique Q & A sessions and spaces for networking.

At the end of the unit, all research funding applications are reviewed and a percentage receive funding to carry out their research activities. CURIE has provided thousands of dollars in funding to successful research groups.

By undertaking the IRC Program, students:

  • acquire and hone highly sought-after skills in research and leadership
  • identify and develop research synergies across disciplines
  • learn to write up research for different publication genres
  • develop competency and agility to work in a cross-cultural environment
  • refine their ability to communicate complex research findings and ideas to multidisciplinary audience

For 2020 enrolment, please email to express your interest. Provided that you meet the eligibility requirements, we will issue you with the Letter of Invitation. For more information, see the Handbook entry for ATS2290 and the entry for ATS3290.

You can see the projects that have been funded below. Please note that Virtual Funding is the funding stream that enables students to apply for virtual money. The CURIE team competitively “funds” projects in this stream, but the successful applications are not completed with CURIE’s support. Real Funding is the funding stream that enables students to apply for actual money, to cover the costs of their research activity. The CURIE team competitively funds the projects in this stream and provides project management support throughout the duration of the projects.

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