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Tools for assessment

There are a number of technologies you can use for assessing student work. The following guide provides information about key technologies that are part of the Monash suite and how they can support graded assessment.

Choose the assessment tool

This page provides an overview of some of the different Monash supported assessment tools and their capabilities in terms of functionality, submission, marking and feedback. Use this table to inform your technology choice for assessment. Click on the tool title to access further information on how to use the technology.

Using Moodle for assessments

Moodle has a number of activity types that can be used for assessment with a Moodle grading component that can be linked to Gradebook.

Moodle activities and resources

This guide can help you identify which Moodle activities you can use for major assessments.


The Assignment activity can be set up in various ways for students to upload assessments in various file formats.


You can also set an assignment up with Turnitin integrated within the activity.

Use Forums as an assessment

Moodle Forums can be used as a type of assessment; for example, students can make a range of forum posts, respond to questions, or contribute to discussion, which are then assessed in some way.

Moodle Quiz

Use this resource to find out how to set up a quiz assessment in Moodle.

Using the eAssessment platform


The eAssessment platform can be used for assessments that require invigilation, such as end of semester scheduled timed activities.

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