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The assessment regime

Chief Examiners or Unit Coordinators are responsible for designing the unit’s assessment regime. The dean (or delegate) of the unit-owning faculty is responsible for approving the assessment regime as part of unit accreditation, and for approving any amendments. Where a coursework unit is offered in a graduate research course, the Graduate Research committee Course and Programs Sub-committee is responsible for approving the assessment regime.

What must the assessment regime include?

The assessment regime should be specifically designed for each unit, however all assessment regimes must:

  • Assess all unit learning outcomes
  • Assess knowledge, skills and attributes that contribute to the student’s achievement of course learning outcomes
  • Be appropriate to the level and credit-point value of the unit
  • Be equivalent for all modes and locations of offerings in the same teaching period
  • include at least two major assessment tasks (i.e. tasks worth at least 20% of the total unit assessment)
  • Have no task worth more than 60% of the total unit assessment, except in zero credit point units or thesis units
  • Be designed to minimise the potential for breaches of academic integrity
  • Be renewed to prevent any students with knowledge of the task and/or its solution from a previous offering
  • Have text-based assignments submitted electronically.

The Chief Examiner is responsible for implementation of the assessment regime. .

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