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Considerations for using timed examinations

The preference for timed examinations as a major form of assessment tends to be based on the following beliefs:

  • Students need to retain and recall large amounts of information in order to demonstrate understanding.
  • Students must demonstrate understanding in an environment where they cannot collude, plagiarise or source information from elsewhere.
  • A high-stakes invigilated examination is required to validate student learning and assessment, and the remainder of the assessment is not valid without it.
  • Students need to be able to access and apply information in particular circumstances (e.g., timed, under pressure) to demonstrate how they would operate in work environments.
  • Examinations are the only way to engage in standardised assessment and track cohorts.
  • Examinations allow for assessment of large cohorts in a practical and feasible manner.

Consider which, if any of the above points contribute to the use of an examination in your unit, and how you might meet that need in another way. For example:

  • A long-answer examination can be converted into an essay, problem-solving or a case study that fulfils a similar purpose.
  • A written exam can have an oral attached to it where a student submits a video, explaining their answers.
  • Online exams can be broken into sections to be taken at different times, because they no longer need to be delivered in physical sittings.

Online Assessment and Integrity Services

Monash has developed a site to support you to integrate online assessments, specifically using the eAssessment platform. This site includes information on:

  • Assessment options (scheduled final assessments and in-semester assessments).
  • Assessment technology (Moodle ELMS and eAssessment platforms).
  • Assessment integrity (eVigilation and Academic integrity policies).
  • Assessment delivery (on-campus scheduled final assessments and remote scheduled final assessments).
  • Key dates (around communications and timetabling).
  • Training and resources (online Module).
  • Assessment FAQs (answers questions around online supervision, support, question types and academic integrity.

Online eAssessment training

Use this link to jump straight to the self-paced online Moodle module which shows you how to create and mark your scheduled final assessments inside the eAssessment platform. You can obtain MEA module recognition for successful completion of this module.

Monash eVigilation

Monash has developed customised, secure technologies, Monash eVigilation and eMERS*, to maintain academic integrity whilst delivering eAssessment at scale. These eVigilation ensures students are supervised by trained Monash staff: either fully on-campus, fully remote or a combination of both.

Help and support

For technical support or more information around eAssessments and eExams, please contact eAssessment-Support@monash.edu

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