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Tools for group and peer assessment

Facilitating peer assessment activities

There are a range of collaborative platforms that can be used to facilitate group assessment, peer assessment and feedback, and peer assessment. The list below contains some of the key technologies that may assist you.

Group assessment

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that supports synchronous web meetings with video/audio, screen sharing and whiteboard; asynchronous discussion; file sharing and it supports the integration of a wide range of external web apps and tools.

Google Suite

Google Suite has a variety of tools to support group work from document collaboration, note sharing, collecting feedback and video meetings. Students can use productivity tools such as Google Keep to share 'to do' lists, sketches, or voice recordings with one another and keep each other up to date on their progress.

Peer assessment

Feedback Fruits (Pilot)*

FeedbackFruits is a suite of tools within Moodle that allows students to share their work, give and receive feedback and grades, and gives a platform for educators to also provide feedback and allow for student interaction. Monash Education Innovation is piloting FeedbackFruits to support assessment, feedback and interactivity.

Moodle Forums

Assign a student or a group of students to a specific discussion thread to provide feedback on the student’s work.

Moodle Workshop

Workshops are a student-focused learning activity that allows students to engage in peer review and assessment in a structured multi-part activity. The workshop activity collects and distributes student work to student peers to be assessed.

*Not currently a Monash-supported platform

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