Anonymous submissions

Anonymous submissions enable student assignments to be displayed anonymously as a Participant number rather than by their name. This is a useful way to reduce unconscious bias in grading. Anonymous submissions must be set up prior to any student submissions being made. Once a submission has been received, you can no longer enable anonymous submissions in the assignment settings.

Note: If a student has included their name in their assignment submission, it will still be visible.

Enable anonymous submissions

  1. Navigate to the assignment that you want to enable anonymous submissions for.
  2. Click on the Edit cog then Edit settings.
  3. In the Grade section, select Yes for Anonymous submissions. 
  4. Click Save and Display.

    blind marking settings

Reveal student identities

At any stage you can optionally choose to Reveal student identities.

  1. Navigate to your assignment where you have enabled Blind marking.
  2. Click the Assignment settings cog.
  3. Select Reveal student identities. 
  4. Click Continue to confirm that you would like to reveal student identities.

    Note: Once student identities have been revealed they cannot be hidden again.

    reveal student identities