Set up extensions and resubmissions

There are many valid reasons why students may not be able to complete their assignments by the set deadline. In these circumstances, you can extend the due date for assignments or allow students to resubmit an assignment.

Due date extension

Assignments have three key dates. These settings are available in the activity settings when the assignment is first set up.

  • Allow submissions from: The time and date the assignment will be available for students to make submissions.
  • Due date: The time and date assignment submissions need to be submitted by without incurring a late penalty.
  • Cut-off date: You can enable this to allow students make submissions beyond the due date. These submissions will be counted as overdue. Once the cut-off date has elapsed, it is no longer possible for students to make submissions.

You can grant extensions for assignments in a number of ways, depending on whether you would like to grant an extension for an individual, multiple, groups of students or all students.

Allow resubmissions

By default, once an assignment has been marked, students will no longer be able to resubmit. You can manually allow another attempt for individual, multiple or all students from the Grader report.

  1. Navigate to the assignment that requires student attempts to be reopened.
  2. Click on View all submissions to navigate to the Grader report.