Set up marker allocation and marking workflow

Marking workflow in Moodle Assignments is a system that can be used to track which stage of marking has been completed for individual student assignment submissions. It can be handy when there are multiple tutors and lecturers involved in marking. You can assign marking of individual or groups of student assignments to markers and use marking workflow to monitor the progress of the marking process.

Enabling marking workflow and marker allocation

  1. Click Turn editing on in the top right corner of the unit banner.
  2. For the Assignment that you want to enable marking workflow and marker allocation, click the Edit cog then Edit settings.
  3. In the Grade section, select Yes for Use marking workflow. Once you have done this, select Yes for Use marking allocation.
  4. Note: You can enable marking workflow without enabling marker allocation if preferred.

  5. Click Save and Display.
  6. From the Grading summary page of the assignment, click View all submissions.
  7. Scroll down below the submissions and expand the Options section.
  8. Check the Quick grading box to enable Quick grading.
  9. Moodle assignment options for grading in submissions page

  10. Your page will refresh and you will now be able to see drop down lists in the Status and Marker column.

    marking workflow and marking allocation menus in Moodle assignment

Marker allocation

Marking workflow

Marking workflow allows students, tutors and lecturers to see the marking status of submitted assignments. Lecturers can review and moderate results and release feedback and grades to students once grading is completed.

expanded marking workflow options in Moodle assignment

The workflow states are shown below:

  1. Not marked: Initial state
  2. In marking: Marking has begun, typically after the due date
  3. Marking completed: Submission has been marked but marker is able to check and revise
  4. In review: Submission(s) are being reviewed (often as part of a moderation phase)
  5. Ready for release: Review complete
  6. Released: Feedback and grade released to the students