Grade using Moodle marking guides

Grading guides, such as rubrics and marking guides, can help you clarify what you expect from your students, making the task easier to interpret and less ambiguous and ensure greater consistency between different markers.

Marking guides and rubrics can be made available for students in Moodle Assignments. By drawing your students' attention to the grading criteria prior to assignment submission, they're more likely to meet expectations for the assignment.

Enable advanced grading using marking guides

  1. Navigate to the assignment you would like to grade with a marking guide.
  2. Click the assignment settings cog on the top right hand side, and then select Advanced grading.

  3. From the Change active grading method drop down options, Select Marking guide.
  4. You can now choose to:

Provide feedback and grade using a marking guide

  1. Navigate to the assignment that you want to grade.
  2. Click Grade OR View all submissions, then for the student you would like to provide feedback for, click on the Grade button.
  3. The grading guide will appear in the grader interface. Click on the expand icon in the top right corner to pop out the marking guide for easier viewing.

    Note: Click this icon again to pop it back in to the grading interface window.

  4. To provide feedback:
    1. Assign a grade mark after carefully reading and referring to the marking guide.
    2. Write additional feedback comments in the text box.
    3. You can also insert frequently used comments:
      1. Click Insert frequently used comments.
      2. Select the comment you would like to use to insert it.
  5. Once complete, click Save changes or Save and show next to continue grading.