Use PDF marking and annotation

PDF Markup allows you to annotate and provide feedback directly on a student's submitted PDF file, provided you have enabled annotation in assignment feedback types.

Please Note: For assignments submitted in PDF format, this feature will function as expected. Assignments submitted in the below formats will be automatically converted to PDF format for annotation and mark up:

doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, html, odt, ods, png, jpg, txt, gif

This conversion process may have some impact on formatting and layout of the submission. If this is an issue, you will still be able to download the original submission as usual.

Enable PDF annotation

  1. Click Turn editing on in the top right corner of the unit banner.
  2. For  the Assignment that you want to annotate PDF submissions, click on Edit then Edit settings.
  3. In assignment settings, in Feedback types, make sure Annotate PDF is checked.
  4. Click Save and display.

Annotating PDF assignments

  1. On the unit home page, click on the Assignment that you want to review submissions for.
  2. On the Grading summary page, you can either: 
    • Click Grade to go directly to the Assignment Grader OR
    • Click View all submissions to view all assignments, select an assignment and then click Grade. This will open the chosen assignment in the Assignment Grader.
  3. The toolbar at the top of the Assignment Grader contains various tools for PDF annotation.

  4. From left to right:
    • Page navigation arrows to navigate through the pages of the assignment.
    • Search the comments for keywords
    • Expand to view full screen
    • Rotate to change the orientation of the PDF file
    • Text box tools: Create a comment box and change the colour of your text box.

      Select the text box tool and click-and-drag to create a comment box where you can leave written feedback. Your text box will be minimised and display as a text bubble when not active. Hover over the text bubble to expand and edit your comment again.

    • Move tools: 
      • Use the hand icon to move around the page.
      • Use the arrow icon to move text boxes, stamps and drawing tools by clicking and dragging.
    • Drawing tools: Doodle, create shapes and highlight sections. Change the colours with the drop icon.
    • Stamp tool: Select from various stamps, then click in the PDF where you want to add the stamp. You can switch between stamps at anytime. You can delete a stamp by selecting it and clicking the trash icon.
  5. To complete PDF markup, click Save Changes to return to the grading screen or Save and show next to navigate directly to the next assignment to be graded.