Related technologies

Tools for marking and grading

There are a number of technologies you can use for marking and grading. Here are a few key technologies that are part of the Monash suite.

Marking work in Moodle

Most written work will be uploaded and submitted online via Moodle. Many formats can be submitted in this way (e.g. videos, posters, infographics, as well as written work).

Moodle assignments activity

This guide can be used to assess and provide feedback for many types of student work including individual or group submissions, in-class work, online and/or file submissions.

Grader interface

This guide allows you to view individual student assignments and provide a grade and in-depth feedback including rich media, such as audio, video and inline files, with the ATTO text editor.

Moodle Gradebook

Moodle Gradebook is used to record and collate all student marks for the unit. Some grades are automatically populated, e.g. from online quizzes, while others are entered manually as marking is completed. Visit the Moodle Gradebook page to learn more.

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