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Collaborative learning activities

There are many types of learning activities that can be done by students collaboratively. How these are structured will depend on whether the activity is an in-class activity (and whether this, or part of it, is assessed or not), or a formal assessment task. Regardless, educators need to consider whether these activities will happen online or in person, or synchronously/asynchronously, and how they will be managed in all cases.  Some ideas for in-class and assessment collaborative learning activities are below.

Group work

Group work can be used in a variety of classroom situations. For example, students can be organised into teams to work on a solution to a set of problems, create arguments for a debate, or discuss case studies. These collaborative activities are also possible online, using Moodle forums, the Google suite, MS Teams or Zoom, and other technologies.

Group assessment

Collaborative assessment activities require educators to think through not only the activity, but how it will be assessed, and what components require individual assessment, and which parts will be collaboratively assessed. The resource Group and Peer Assessment outlines some of the strategies you can use for creating collaborative group assessments.

Collaborative Learning Exemplars

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