Communicating assessment in Moodle

This guide will provide you with advice on the ways you can effectively communicate assessments to students via Moodle. In most units, Assessment communication involves several common stages. Firstly, students typically look for an overview of all assessments in a unit, secondly, students will read the detailed assessment description, then finally, students will look at feedback on their assessment work. There are best-practice elements in each of these stages, as detailed below.

Assessment overview

It is strongly recommended that you provide an assessment table in your units, so that students can quickly get an overview of what assessment is due, and when.

A good position for this table is at the top of the Assessment section of your unit, with links to each detailed assessment description for easy access. Additionally, we encourage you to paste this table into your Unit Information book (if you have one) so that your students can download it.

Communicating feedback

Feedback is one of the most important communications that students receive. Feedback should be relevant, appropriate, actionable, and useful for students. Learn more about feedback here.


We thank the following contributors:

Raya Darcy, Senior Educational Designer for the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University