Quick start

There are three essential ingredients for successfully embedding communication skills in units. We need to show:

  • what is expected of them
  • provide them with feedback on early attempts
  • and motivate them to succeed through visible, weighted assessment.

The diagram below sums up the essentials of successful embedding.

Below are some additional ways you can support students’ communication skills development through your teaching, drawn from the field of English language teaching.

Teaching strategies

There is one thing absolutely essential to success when working to develop students’ communication skills - the students themselves must be on board!

Watch the video below as students discuss some simple but effective techniques you can adopt to help students from non-English speaking backgrounds in the classroom, based on their own experiences.

Draw inspiration

Dr Anna Filipi - Teaching strategies and techniques

Dr Anna Filipi (Faculty of Education) shares her teaching strategies for developing students’ communication skills. She uses the flipped classroom model; however, her ideas can be easily adapted to the traditional lecture and tutorial model.