Related technologies

Learning tools may be used to further support students with their English language skills.  Below are a few technologies that may be used to the support the teaching strategies described in the quick start section.

Moodle Glossary

The glossary activity in Moodle allows you and/or your students to build, display and search a list and its definitions, like a dictionary. Premade electronic glossaries could assist students with frequently used terms or instructions. Alternatively, students could benefit from creating a glossary as a class activity.  Enabling the auto-linking feature will highlight any word in the unit which is located in the glossary.

Using captions

Panopto has the ability to add Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) generated captions to your sessions. This means you can view a session and read a text based version of the content. Providing multiple modes of communication makes the video more accessible.


This free online flashcard tool may be used to improve vocabulary and general content knowledge.  Both students and educators can create and share electronic flashcards or access pre-made flash cards.

Students can choose which of Quizlet's seven different study modes works best with their style of learning. Quizlet tracks their progress and provides instant feedback about where to focus.

Watch the video below to learn more.

How Students Study Using Quizlet from Quizlet on Vimeo.

Draw inspiration

Dr Anna Filipi - Teaching strategies and techniques

Dr Anna Filipi (Faculty of Education) shares her teaching strategies for developing students’ communication skills. She uses the flipped classroom model; however, her ideas can be easily adapted to the traditional lecture and tutorial model.