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5 easy tips to make live-streaming work for you

Watch this video to learn some ways to make the most of your live-stream session with Echo360.

Quick start with Echo360 live-streaming

Here are some helpful guidelines and considerations when using Echo360.

Check if your lecture is live-streamed or only recorded

Timetabled activities of the type Lectures and Seminars that have been scheduled in an Echo360 enabled venue are recorded automatically.  You would need to look at the codes found in the timetable to determine whether it is also live-streamed (see example below).

This information can be seen by staff and students web timetable class timetable.monash.edu. The information can also be found in Allocate+.

See below for details on the meaning of the different codes in the timetable:

Short codes



No on-campus attendance required. Students can access the session live either via a zoom link or the Echo360 link in Moodle.


No on-campus attendance required. No live-stream will be available. Where available the recordings will be made shared via the  Echo360 link and posted to Moodle along with any other relevant materials.


(Flexible Learning)

Flexible class with on and off-campus learning. May not have any Echo360 recording or live-streaming access.

Create videos with Echo360 Universal Capture

Echo360 Universal Capture software enables you to create videos from your laptop or desktop computer and automatically upload them to Echo360 to share with your class.

These videos can include both screen capture and webcam footage. For example, you could use Echo360 Universal Capture to record a replacement lecture, create quick explainers of concepts that students are struggling with or provide weekly introduction or summary videos.

Echo360 Universal Capture is available for Monash University devices in eSolutions Software catalogue.

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