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Zoom for teaching

Here are some strategies that you can use to maximise your Zoom sessions and encourage active participation.

Zoom teaching scenarios

Listed in this table are a few different teaching scenarios in which you could use Zoom.

Tutorials/ Workshops Using Zoom for tutorials or labs enables you to have students grouped into breakout rooms and assist smaller groups with an activity. You can jump into different groups and provide personalised support and feedback. You could also log into Zoom with your mobile phone camera to do demonstrations.
Small group consultations Providing students with small group Zoom consultations to discuss assignments or to get feedback on concepts can be very beneficial to students. These can be run by academics or by teaching assistants. You could make these at a scheduled weekly time or you can have one associated with the different assignments. Zoom links can be shared in Moodle.
One-on-one sessions If you have a small student cohort you may decide to set-up one-on-one sessions with students via Zoom to discuss their assignment or even to provide additional support for those that might be struggling.
Drop-in sessions Organising scheduled drop-in Zoom sessions throughout the semester can provide students with an extra point of contact with you and allow them to clarify any misconceptions or to get additional support.
Student group work Zoom is also a great tool for students to organise and run their own group meetings to discuss projects or assignments. You can either organise these for students by group and make a recurring meeting link in Moodle or provide students with guidance on how to create and run Zoom meetings on their own.
Group presentations There are two ways you could use Zoom for group presentations. You can either have students present as a team in real time by sharing their presentation and having their webcams on, or have them use Zoom as a video recording tool to record their group presentation and upload it to Moodle.
Pre-recorded lecture videos Zoom can also be used as a video tool to record your lectures or screen. This enables you to create a video with your webcam and show either your slides or share your screen. The only disadvantage is that you can not edit these videos in Zoom. You would need to upload these to Panopto to take advantage of the editing features.
Live stream lectures Zoom is a great tool for live stream lectures and can have up to 500 students at one time. Using live stream lectures enables students to see you in real time and engage with other students via text chat. If you have a large cohort, it is recommended to have a moderator or co-host support you during the session to answer any queries. You can record these and share them in Moodle via Panopto.

Zoom teaching examples

The following examples are just a few ways that Zoom has been integrated in some units.

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