Assignments (Moodle activity)

The Assignment Activity is the most common way to collect assessable work from your students, and provide them with feedback on that work. Students can submit written work such as essays or reports, audio and video files, and a wide range of other file types including computer programs, LaTeX and HTML. You can provide feedback as annotations directly on a document, as comments in the activity, or via audio and video.

Standard assessment submission times

All assessment submission times at Monash should be set to one of three standard times: 9:30AM, 4:30PM and 11:55PM AEST.

Standard assessment submission times can only be varied by a Chief Examiner if the task is a pre/in/post class activity, an assignment for a non-Australian campus cohort, a departmental exam activity or a non-assessed activity.

Create an assignment

  1. Click Turn editing on in the top right corner of the unit banner.
  2. In the section where you would like to add an assignment, click +Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select Assignment from the list and click Add.

For more information, see the Add a resource or activity guide.

General settings

Moodle assignment settings fields for name and description

  1. Give your assignment a name that is meaningful to your students and yourself. Fields marked with a red exclamation mark are required.
  2. If needed, provide information about the assignment in the description text field. You can also optionally choose to display the description on the unit page with the Display description on unit page check box.
  3. If needed, attach additional files to provide information about the assignment These can include information sheets, templates, exemplars, and other resources to help students complete the assignment. Files attached at this point are available to all users who can view the assignment.
  4. Availability

    Moodle assignment submission date options

  5. In Availability, nominate the submission date and time for your assignment. You can choose which of these date settings you wish to enable by ticking the Enable checkbox.
    • Allow submissions from - the opening date for submissions.
    • Due date - the date when submissions are expected by. Unless there is a valid reason all Monash assignments should be set to one of three standardised times: 9:30AM, 4:30PM and 11:55PM AEST. Assessment submission times can only be varied by the Chief Examiner if the reason aligns with one of these categories:
      • Pre/in/post-class activities: For submission of work allocated in a scheduled class that is due before, during, or after the class has taken place.
      • Non-Australian campus cohorts: When there is no Australia campus based cohort in the assessment activity, the submission times can be set to one of the times that are adjusted to reflect the time in the offshore campus location for equity purposes eg. Setting the submission time at 2:55amAEST to align with 11:55pm Malaysian time To set for a Malaysian submission 11.55pm becomes 2.55am Australian time.
      • Departmental exam activities: Departmental exam activities are timed assessment tasks where a student has an allocated amount of time to complete the task. Submission times may fall outside the default times.
      • Non-assessed activities: These activities have no weight (do not contribute to unit marks) or are for a non coursework unit and the proposed time is used to support student time management.
    • The submission date and time will appear in students' Moodle Calendars and Timelines.

    • Cut-off date - this allows you to provide a set period for late submissions. No submissions are possible after this point without manual intervention. For more information, see extensions and resubmissions.
    • Remind me to grade - this will add an event to your calendar and timeline as a reminder to complete grading.
  6. Submission types

    Moodle assignment file submission settings

  7. Select the submission type your assignment requires. You can select from Online Text, File Submissions or Mahara (if available in your faculty). Usually only one type is selected. You can select one or more assignment submission types. In most cases, only one type is selected.

    Note: If your assignment requires video submission via Panopto, make sure Online text is selected. Students will submit their Panopto video by adding a link.

  8. You can also deselect all submission options to create an "offline" assignment/grade item that allows grading but does not require students to make submissions eg. a class presentation, musical performance, etc.
  9. If File submissions is selected, you can set the Maximum number of uploaded files.
  10. You can select a Maximum file size of up to 500MB to allow for larger file submissions. However assignments also using Turnitin only support a Maximum file size of 100MB. For more information, see Integrated Turnitin Assignments.
  11. If selecting online text submissions, you can enable a word limit.

    Note: If a student exceeds the word limit, they will receive an error warning and be unable to submit their submission until it is within the word limit.

  12. In Accepted file types, click Choose to specify the file types that will be accepted in the submission. If you intend to enable the Turnitin plugin, Word documents(.doc, .docx) and PDF(.pdf) files are recommended.