Feedback (Moodle activity)

The Feedback activity in Moodle allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from your students.

The Feedback activity allows you to create your own questions, unlike the Survey tool. Where the Choice tool is restricted to one question, Feedback allows multiple questions and unlike the Quiz activity, feedback questions are not gradable.

Feedback activities can also allow students to see each other's responses, either anonymously or identifiable.

Suggestions on how to use feedback activities:

  • Collecting subject specific data prior to a lecture to discuss in the lecture.
  • Collecting evaluations on resources, specific lectures or learning etc.
  • Determine what students would like to learn or how they would like a lecture to run.
  • Recreate questions from weekly readings as feedback questions, and adjust lecture content to address the answers collected.
  • Create a questionnaire for students to use in research exercises, and analyse the collected data from the whole cohort.

Create a feedback activity

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. In the topic section where you want to add a feedback activity, click on Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select Feedback and click Add.
  4. In the Name and Description fields, give your feedback a title and an introduction.The Description will be displayed when students open the feedback activity.
  5. Use the Allow answers from and Allow answers to fields to restrict student access to the feedback activity. Check the Enable checkbox next to each property to set each date/ time accordingly.
  6. Select other feedback settings as required.
    Note: Beside each field, you can click on the help icon for a description of each option provided.
  7. Once complete, click Save and return to unit.
  8. Question and submission settings:
    • Record user names | This may be toggled from Anonymous to User’s name will be logged and shown with answers.
    • Allow multiple submissions | If enabled, unlimited attempts of the Feedback are permitted.
    • Enable notification of submissions| If enabled, administrators receive email notification of Feedback submissions.
    • Autonumber questions | If enabled, automated numbers will be set for each question.
  9. After submission settings:
    • Show analysis page | If enabled, an analysis page is displayed after a Feedback submission to all respondents.
    • Page after submit | Enter a message which will be viewed after feedback submissions.
    • Link to next activity | Following a feedback submission, (and the Page after submit if selected) by default, the continue button will forward students to the unit page. By putting a web address here, you can direct respondents to another page.

Feedback questions

  1. Click on the name of the feedback activity.
  2. Select the Edit questions tab.
  3. To add a new questions:
    1. In Add questions to activity field, select the drop down menu. Select the type of question you would like to add to your feedback activity,
    2. The content of this page is determined by the type of question selected.
      Example: Multichoice question type
      1. Select the Required checkbox if you require your students to respond to the question.
      2. In the Question field, enter your question.
      3. In the Multiple choice values field, enter the list of possible answers.
      4. Select other settings as required.
      5. Click Save question.
      Note: There are several options for you to use in setting up a question.
  4. To edit a question, navigate to the question you would like to edit. You can:
    1. Click on the edit question icon (). Make the required changes and click Save changes to question.
    2. Click on the delete icon (). Click Yes to confirm .
    3. Click on the move() icon. Boxes with dotted lines will appear between each question in the feedback activity. Click the dotted line box located in the desired new position of your question. The movement will automatically be saved.

Feedback analysis and responses

  1. Click on the feedback activity.

  2. To view feedback analysis, click on the Analysis tab. You can choose to export the feedback analysis. Click the Export to Excel button.
  3. To view responses, click on the Show responses tab and click Show responses. To view an individual attempt, click on the Show response link beside the desired Name and/or Response number.