Labels (Moodle resource)

Labels enable you to add additional text or graphics to your course page. Labels can be used to create custom banners for each weekly learning module/topic, display/embed multimedia on your main page or indent your resources under a label, creating some visual separation from the rest of the content.

  1. Click Turn editing on in the top right corner.
  2. In the topic where you want to add a resource or activity, click +Add an activity or resource.
  3. The Add an activity or resource pop-out box will appear.
  4. Select label, then enter in your text in the Label text field.
  5. Once complete, click Save and return to unit.

    Note: You can toggle the toolbar to show/hide tools by clicking on the Toolbar Toggle icon. For more information about the Text/HTML editor see Using the HTML or Text Editor in Moodle

Adding multimedia to a label

To highlight information or identify a particular resource or module, you can embed images, Panopto videos, H5P interactive activities and other forms of multimedia in labels to display on your Moodle unit page.

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. Click on Edit beside the label you would like to edit. Select Edit settings from the drop down menu.
  3. In your Label text editor, select the icon for your desired form of multimedia.

  4. For example, to insert an image, click on the Find or upload an image... button.
  5. Select the Upload a file and next to the Attachment field select the Browse button.
  6. Navigate to where your image is saved on your computer and select Open.
  7. When the file name appears in your Attachment field select Upload this file.
  8. You will receive a preview of your selected image in the Insert/edit image window. Once done, click Insert.
  9. In the Image description field, enter a short, meaningful description of the image (this will be read out to users of assistive technologies such as screenreaders).
  10. Once an image has been inserted you will return to the Label text field. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press Save and return to unit.