Workshop (Moodle activity)

Workshops are a student-focused learning activity that allows students to engage in peer review and assessment in a structured multi-part activity. The workshop activity collects and distributes student work to student peers to be assessed. Student feedback can be made anonymously through enabling the blind marking setting. Two grades are given for a workshop activity, a grade for for their submission and for the quality of their peer assessment skills. This tool works only for student feedback, lecturers and tutors should provide their grades and feedback using other methods.

The Workshop activity is designed to work in a staged approach, where each phase has a specific goal.

  • Phase 1: Setup - provide students with instructions and submission requirements
  • Phase 2: Submission - students submit and are assigned peer reviewers
  • Phase 3: Assessment - students assess each other’s work
  • Phase 4: Grading evaluation - students’ assessment of each other are weighted or adjusted as needed.
  • Phase 5: Closed - push the results to the Gradebook

The Moodle Workshop activity is best to used for:

  • Students to give peer feedback to each other on work and then to have that feedback be part of student reflective improvement.
  • Help students develop a stronger understanding of the assessment process.
  • Engage students in their own learning and assessment.
  • Encourage students to become more independent learners.

Create a workshop activity

  1. Click Turn editing on in the top right corner of the unit banner.

  2. In the topic or section where you would like to add a workshop, click Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select Workshop and click Add.
  4. Once the Workshop has been created, you’ll see the Workshop activity homepage.

  5. A workshop has 5 phases, each phase of the activity has a checklist for you to complete to set it up properly. The current phase will be highlighted in green, this is the phase that the students will also see, with the exception of the Setup phase.