Related technologies

There are alternative technologies that you can use for creating an asynchronous discussion. The following technologies are great for creating a space for discussion but are not ideal for assessment purposes as are not linked to Moodle Gradebook.

MS Teams

MS Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that supports synchronous web meetings with video/audio, screen sharing and whiteboard; asynchronous discussion; file sharing and a wide range of external web apps and tools. The platform makes it possible for you to create a space for more robust collaboration between your students. To learn more about this technology visit this resource.


Perusall is a free social reading platform integrated into Moodle which allows students (and teaching staff) to digitally annotate readings and videos collectively (with text, links, and embedded content), and respond to each other’s comments and questions. Perusall motivates participation via social connections and automatic engagement scores. As the instructor, you can engage in the discussion with students, and you also have oversight of the student engagement.


Padlet is another free application that allows you to create a discussion board or a shared board where students can post questions, share links and files (documents, images and videos). Students can comment on others posts and rate or like others’ posts. It is a versatile tool that is great for asynchronous communication and discussions. Note that with the free application you may have limits to the number of boards that you can create.

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