Edit and preview unit

Turn editing on

Before you can make changes to the content, layout and other settings, you need to click Turn editing on, found in the top right corner of the unit banner.

Once you have turned editing on, you can add content to your unit with the +Add an activity or a resource link at the bottom of each section. You can make changes to the content, layout and other settings using Edit drop down menu to the right of each activity or resource. For more information on these edit functions, see Resources and activities in Moodle.

When you’ve finished making changes, click on the Turn editing off link under the Settings cog.

Note: Any changes you make with editing on will be live to students immediately. In other words, it is not necessary to click Turn editing off to save your changes.

Preview unit

You can check how students view your unit by switching roles from Lecturer to Student.

  1. Click on the User menu (your name in the top right hand corner)
  2. Click Switch role to...
  3. Select Student.
  4. To go back to the Lecturer role, click Return to my normal role in the User menu.