Quick start

Creating online assessment quizzes

Step 1: Design the quiz

The first step in the process is to design and write the assessment. This should be done after setting up your assessment regime. Keep in mind that students will have access to external resources, so questions based on simple recall or other low level skills will be ineffective at testing their learning. Questions need to be adapted to focus on problem solving in context, and situations that require judgement.

In addition to the question design, when creating an online assessment you also need to also consider additional factors, such as:

  • How many questions will be automatically marked?
  • How many questions require manual marking?
  • How will feedback be provided?
  • How many attempts will students be allowed?
  • Will the exam be time-restricted?
  • Do students need to take pictures of their work to upload

If students are required to physically draw, annotate or demonstrate problem solving then a Moodle may not be the best option.

Once you have determined the conditions, clear instructions and guidelines should be provided to students.

Step 2: Create the quiz

Depending on your needs, you can create quizzes as assessed or formative activities with multiple attempts and question checking and immediate feedback. Quizzes can be linear or randomised with dependent questions. Questions can be made new from scratch or you can use questions from the Question Bank or questions imported from another unit’s quizzes.

Here is a quick diagram showing you the steps to create a quiz. Detailed instructions are provided in the How-to section.

Step 3: Set the release

Set the opening and closing dates, if applicable, of the quiz on Moodle, making sure that the instructions for when the students need to take the quiz and the quiz conditions are clear. If you need students to include hand drawings or other special responses, they can take pictures using their mobile device and embed them in essay type questions. Make sure that there is technical support available and clear instructions for asking questions during the designated quiz period.

Step 4: Mark the quiz

Students submit their quiz attempt on Moodle. Most question types are graded automatically by setting up general feedback and feedback within the quiz settings. However, short answer and Essay questions will require you to enter manual feedback and marks. Once the quiz has been marked the grades will be placed in the Moodle Gradebook. See Marking, grading and rubrics for more details on this.

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