Related technology

Besides Moodle quizzes, there are various tools you can use for online quizzes or knowledge checks, some more suitable for assessment of learning or assessment for learning.


In-class polling

Panopto Quiz

Moodle Lesson


Primary use cases for teaching

Online summative exams and assessments

Quickly gauge student understanding in class or to frame discussions

Embed quiz questions into an Interactive video

Adding questions within an activities or within a scaffolded lesson


Knowledge self-checking,

Displaying information in an interactive and engaging way

Multiple Choice/Multi Select


Fill in the blank




Matching/Drag and drop



Unique features

Can be used for timed, invigilated examinations for large  cohorts

Instantly gauge student feedback in class

Great statistics and reporting

Best used as assessment for learning, though grades can be assigned

Templates, easy to set up, easy to embed into Moodle, Can link/not link to the gradebook

Potential challenges

Takes time/planning to set up? Especially for invigilation

Responses not stored, usually anonymous

Not connected to Moodle gradebook

Navigation needs to be considered in the design, if not some students may not be able to review or retake their assessment questions

Lack of detailed statistics and reporting

No collective database?

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