Work integrated learning

What is Work Integrated Learning?

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an “umbrella term for a range of approaches and strategies that integrate theory with the practice of work within a purposefully designed curriculum”.

For an activity at Monash to be classified  WIL, it must be:

  • Curricular: must occur within an assessed, for-credit unit of study or as an assessed course requirement.
  • Authentic: creates experiences that replicate, or are informed by, professional work contexts.
  • Purposeful: explicitly connects to unit/course learning outcomes.
  • Supervised: students are appropriately guided, supported, monitored and evaluated (including the provision of feedback) throughout the activity.
  • Collaborative: designed and/or delivered with an industry or community partner.

Patrick, C. Peach, D. & Pocknee, C. (2009) The WIL (Work Integrated Learning) report: A national scoping study, Australian Teaching and Learning Council

In a rapidly changing workforce, it’s no longer the norm for graduates to walk a set career path.wil

The National Strategy on Work Integrated Learning in University Education identifies Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) as ‘a coherent approach to build workforce capability, skills and individual prospects.’

WIL experiences help students develop and strengthen the key employability skills required to adapt to the professions of the future.

At Monash we are committed to a 10% annual growth in industry-based experiences (including Work-Integrated Learning) for our students.

(Focus Monash: Strategic Plan 2015-2020)

Resources for students:

Incorporating professional experience in your studies helps you develop employability skills including communication, teamwork, leadership, negotiation and problem-solving. To find out more about WIL and similar opportunities, visit the Experiences for Employability site.

Resources for staff:

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