WIL at Monash

What is Work Integrated Learning?

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an “umbrella term for a range of approaches and strategies that integrate theory with the practice of work within a purposefully designed curriculum”.

For an activity at Monash to be classified  WIL, it must be:

  • Curricular: must occur within an assessed, for-credit unit of study or as an assessed course requirement.
  • Authentic: creates experiences that replicate, or are informed by, professional work contexts.
  • Purposeful: explicitly connects to unit/course learning outcomes.
  • Supervised: students are appropriately guided, supported, monitored and evaluated (including the provision of feedback) throughout the activity.
  • Collaborative: designed and/or delivered with an industry or community partner.

Patrick, C. Peach, D. & Pocknee, C. (2009) The WIL (Work Integrated Learning) report: A national scoping study, Australian Teaching and Learning Council

All WIL activities at Monash are classified under three headings:

  1. Placements (also known as internships, practicums, clinicals) consist of a student performing course-related work while embedded with industry or community partners.
  2. Projects consist of industry or community partners acting as a mentor and/or client to students in order to complete a specific task.
  3. Field trips (also known as study tours) involve students working with industry or community partners undertaking site visits and/or data gathering in the field.


If you would like to find out more WIL initiatives in your facilities, please contact your faculty WIL representative: