Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct

Legislation and policies

Student Academic Integrity Module

  • The academic integrity compulsory module must be completed by all new students starting at Monash. The module is available through the Compulsory Units Portal.

Student Communications

Student information about academic integrity

Academic integrity central register

Access to the central register is restricted to staff authorised by the faculty deputy/associate deans (education) or Senior Director of SEBS (or delegate). To change access, email authorisation from the DDE/ADE/SEBS to

To search the register, contact your faculty academic integrity officers:


Academic integrity contact
(updated June 2020)

Art, Design and Architecture


Business and Economics



Information Technology


Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Report Alleged Student Academic Misconduct

Use this form to report an allegation of academic misconduct (including a breach of academic integrity that is not a minor breach) to the Responsible Officer for your faculty.

Academic misconduct is conduct by which a student seeks to gain for themself or another person an unfair or unjustified academic advantage in a course or unit [Monash University (Council) Regulation 30(4)].

Who should use this form

  • Chief examiners
    • Chief examiners can use this form to report breaches of academic integrity that may constitute academic misconduct.
  • Other staff members
    • Staff members can use this form to report allegations of student academic misconduct that aren’t related to a specific unit or assessment item.
    • You can also use this form to report an allegation of academic misconduct you’ve received from someone else.
    • If you’re marking an assessment item and you suspect a student has breached academic integrity, refer the matter straight to the chief examiner (do not use this form).

When to submit this form

There’s no time limit, but you should report an allegation of academic misconduct straight away.

Report Alleged Student Academic Misconduct form

Contact us

For queries about academic misconduct, contact the Office of Student Conduct at

Contact Janet Hubner or Paul Carter at from the Education Policy and Projects team for queries about:

  • access and technical issues for the academic integrity central register
  • academic integrity templates