Identifying students 

What is the 'Callista extract'?

Following results releases (finalised and deferred and supplementary), a report will be run by SEBS from Callista to identify all students who meet the criteria for a risk level and who will receive an academic progress notice. This report is often known as the Callista Extract.

We run two rounds of reports/extracts during each of the two review periods and this includes the following:

The Education, Policy and Projects (EPP) team will review the report (‘Callista extract’) and check for any inaccuracies on behalf of faculties. The following shows you who is included in both rounds and some examples of what EPP checks.

Which extract will a student appear in?

Students allocated an academic progress risk level will appear in the Callista extract in one or both rounds. See this tool for which extract they appear in depending on the status of their results and which criteria they have triggered.