Academic performance support meeting process

Students allocated an academic progress risk level will be asked to complete either My Progress and Support or My Academic Progress Response. Using the students' responses, risk level criteria, academic history (or other means), the managing faculty may decide that the student would benefit from attending an academic performance support meeting. A student may also initiate the request to speak to someone in the faculty about managing their academic progress or seek course advice.

Students at any risk level can be invited to attend an academic performance support meeting, however, students at risk level three cannot be excluded at the meeting.  The outcome of the meeting is usually to recommend further resources and support in addition to those provided via My Progress and Support however enrolment conditions may be applied if beneficial to the student.

If a student is required to attend an academic progress committee hearing at a later stage of their enrolment, the committee should consider the student’s engagement e.g. attendance/non-attendance at the academic performance support meeting and recommendations discussed in the meeting.

Key staff involved in academic progress are strongly encouraged to complete the Student Academic Progress training module and Changing Minds - Understanding mental illness.

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