Academic Progress training is critical for onboarding users in the student academic progress process and understanding the templates, resources and systems required to run the process. This training will provide staff with the skills to complete tasks that are part of their role following the resumption of the policy for the second academic progress review period.

Online Module

Access the Student Academic Progress Training moodle module

Duration: 1-2 hours (approx)

What does training cover?

This module will give you an overview of the student academic policy and procedure including :

  1. How student academic progress is monitored and supported
  2. Key roles within the academic progress process
  3. The steps, factors and outcomes of the academic progress process
  4. How mental and physical health factors can affect those involved in the academic progress process.

The module contains four topics to complete in any order, and at your own pace.


You can attend one or both of the workshops listed below:

Workshop 1: Policy, procedures and processesWorkshop 2: Reviewing My Progress and Support and My Plan for Success responses, and enrolment conditions

Date: 3 December

Duration: 1.5 hours


What does training cover?

Part 1 of the session covers the Academic Progress Policy and administrative processes in more detail including:

  • An overview of the Academic Progress Policy and procedures
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 process steps 
    • Callista extract that identifies student risk levels and criteria
    • Email templates
    • My Progress and Support dashboard
    • Course progression meetings
  • Hearings and appeals

Part 2 of the session covers the Callista forms used for student academic progress (if you do not work with Callista you may just attend part 1)

Date: 7 December

Duration: 2 hours


What does training cover?

  • How to identify students who would benefit from course progression meetings
  • Running course progression meetings
  • Assessing My Plan for Success responses
  • Applying enrolment conditions

Who is training for?

All faculties and course locations

  • Executive Officer/Student Services teams involved in Academic Progress
  • Chair, Academic Progress Committee/s
  • Academic Progress Committee members
  • Deans (optional)
  • Associate Dean Education/Deputy Dean Education or other Senior Academics involved in Academic Progress processes

Student representatives and student groups

  • Monash Student Association
  • Monash Graduate Association

Support areas (optional)

  • Campus Community Division
  • Monash Health services
  • Monash Connect
  • Monash Library
  • English Connect
  • Student and Education Business Services
  • Any other staff members interested in academic progress

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