Education Policy Realignment Project

Education policies are being actively reviewed to align with the Monash University Policy Framework, the Review of Academic Governance and the strategic initiatives for learning and teaching at Monash.

Latest Updates

  • Courses and Units Policy stakeholder feedback is being reviewed and final drafts are being prepared. The drafts will be shared with the policy steering committee in March 2021.
  • Admissions and Credit Policy stakeholder feedback is being reviewed. The policy review will align with outcomes of the CASSC working party on GPA calculations and English recency, and the student administration harmonisation project. Expected to be finalised in quarter 3 2021.
  • Updated policies and procedures available on the Policy Bank:
    • Transnational Education
    • Academic Statements
    • Scholarships and Prizes
    • Learning and Teaching Policy
    • Enrolment and Timetable Policy
    • Academic Progress Policy
    • Assessment and Academic Integrity Policy
    • Professional Development Education Policy
    • Student Complaints Policy


Project Timeline (download)

Project Progress (download)