Take Teaching Online

This approach addresses the unprecedented situation where we're required to take teaching online during Semester 1, 2020. This site will help support the entire Monash staff and student body to begin the semester together, with the highest regard for community well-being.

What's expected for students when you Take Teaching online?

Same learning outcomes, same content, a different way of teaching

Teaching online should, as far as possible, meet the learning outcomes that you would plan for face-to-face teaching, and should incorporate the same learning experiences.

Because the mode of teaching will be different, talking through ideas with colleagues will help you to adapt your teaching approaches to allow you to achieve the same learning intentions you had planned.

How will we support you?

Support is close by as you prepare to Take your teaching online

  • The Take Teaching online Moodle site lays out University expectations for online teaching.
  • The Moodle site links you to the right people:
    • Educational Designers in your Faculty can help you to transition your content to an online environment – through conversations and resources. The site provides you with a list to reach out to them.
    • University-based Education Portfolio coaches can also support you to transition your content to an online environment. Book a session via Moodle.
  • The Moodle site links you to ‘just in time’ resources to complement Faculty resources which will help to transition a variety of teaching activities in the online space.