We're committed to an outstanding student experience and assessment is a vital component of our students’ experience at Monash. It must be appropriately inclusive, challenging and authentic to enable students to demonstrate evidence of learning at the appropriate level of study.

Paper-based exams are not always aligned with our students’ expectations of a modern, innovative experience that prepares them as graduates. Monash administers 360,000 exams each year during which thousands of students undertake paper-based exams, sitting silently in a room and tasked with handwriting for up to 3 hours at a time. We have an opportunity to change that and provide an authentic experience; to be able to assess students for their skills for today's workforce.

Monash is progressively rolling out invigilated, on-campus, electronic examinations and assessments. These electronic assessments are conducted via a combination of Monash supplied laptops as well as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach (where appropriate to the expectations of the discipline). We’re starting this transformation journey with a focus on summative assessment, and expanding to include formative assessments.

The eAssessment platform is a separate instance of Moodle - independent from the LMS used for teaching. Students cannot access eAssessments from the teaching instance of Moodle. It’s a secure and robust platform, employing a user friendly interface designed for students by students.

We use a lock-down browser which prevents students from accessing unauthorised sites during assessments. All eAssessment exams use a high quality network connection. Technical support staff are available to assist students with any problems, including backup laptops and paper backups if necessary.

Benefits of eAssessment

Electronic assessments provide a more engaging experience than using paper.