Assessment and Academic Integrity Policy Module


The Assessment and Academic Integrity policy module has been developed by the Portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), to support staff in learning about the key assessment and academic integrity policy requirements. The module will also be useful in helping you transition practices in order to be compliant with the new policy and procedures, which came into effect in January 2021.

This module intends to inform staff of the policy and procedures governing three phases of the teaching period:

  • Before the teaching period begins, while planning for unit delivery is underway
  • During the teaching period, when units are being taught
  • Toward the end of the teaching period, when marking is being finalised

Who should complete this module:

The assessment and academic integrity policy module has been developed for all staff who are involved in supporting and delivering teaching at Monash such as:

  • Academic staff
  • Teaching associates
  • Professional staff engaged in education services
  • Staff who support students’ learning

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Become familiar with the directions and key changes of the assessment and academic integrity policy
  2. Recognise the policy requirements across a teaching period
  3. Identify the areas where you need more support to understand the policy requirements
  4. Prepare to adjust your unit design, delivery and support for students so that it aligns with policy requirements
  5. Gain more confidence in your knowledge of the policy governing courses and units and the part you play in applying it


Task 1: Complete the Introduction lesson

Task 2: Complete three sessions in the stream which best describes your role and obtain a score of at least 60% in all three sessions

Module details

  • Online module